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About us

Based in Los Angeles, Hawks Martin strives to honor the beauty and symbolism found in nature and across cultures. We take this passion and turn it into exquisite jewelry: hand-sculpted art pieces that you wear on your body. Each piece, whether simple or intricate, bears our signature attention to detail and passionate belief that art is all around us, that art connects us to each other and to the world.

Meet our team of artists:

A highly accomplished sculptor in both traditional and digital mediums, Douglass Bowerman has designed and sculpted over six hundred sought after fine art jewelry pieces, as well as over five hundred mannequins for department stores. Throughout an impressive career spanning forty years, Douglass has also sculpted for major film studios, theme parks, and museums.

Kavi Bowerman is an incredibly talented and versatile artist who has been working in concept design for eighteen years. Over the past four years, he has sculpted over three hundred jewelry pieces. An entrepreneur, Kavi has also had a career in comic publishing and illustration, and is an accomplished filmmaker.

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